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Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno Reviews Short Term Visa Plan

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TEMPO.CO, BatamIndonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno said that the ministry is actively pursuing the proposal for a short-term visa for foreign tourists visiting the Riau Islands. He said he had encouraged the Head of the Riau Islands Tourism Agency to send another letter to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in order to expedite the approval process.

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The Tourism Ministry is persistently striving to ensure that the policy on short-term visas receives the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.

“I ask the Head of the Tourism Agency to make a push so that this issue of the short-term visa can be followed up by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights,” Sandiaga said on Saturday, March 30.

The Tourism Ministry will then forward the letter to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. “Because we didn’t receive any response to the previous letter,” he added.

Sandiaga disclosed that the ministry had proposed a nominal fee of US$10 or approximately Rp158,000 for the short-term visa. “If the visa issue is resolved, the number of foreign tourists will increase,” he said optimistically.

According to him, foreign tourists are reluctant to visit the Riau Islands because the regulations on short-term visas have not yet been completed. Plus, the limited passengers on the Singapore-Batam ferry have deterred foreign tourists, leading to exorbitant ticket prices.

Sandiaga Uno expected three million foreign tourists to the Riau Islands this year. He emphasized that apart from regulatory changes, providing high-quality services will be pivotal in achieving this target.


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