Indonesia’s KAI Seeks Rp1.8tn Capital for New Trains from China

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TEMPO.CO, JakartaState-owned railway operator PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) has requested a State Capital Investment (PMN) of Rp1.8 trillion for the upcoming year. This funding is earmarked for procuring new electric rail train (KRL) facilities and importing 11 train sets specifically for the Jabodetabek Commuter Line.

Salusra Wijaya, PT KAI’s Director of Finance and Risk Management, explained that the state capital will be used to replace aging commuter trains that have been in operation for over 30 years. Additionally, he highlighted the projected rise in passenger volume following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With an average annual increase of 6 percent from 2024 to 2027,” he said during a meeting with Commission VI of the House of Representatives (DPR) at the Parliament Complex in Senayan on Tuesday, July 9.

He mentioned that the current train reserves are depleted, and some are no longer operational. Thus, he stressed the urgent need to replace and add train sets and emphasized the crucial role of KRL as a widely used mode of public transportation in Jabodetabek or Greater Jakarta.

Salusra Wijaya further highlighted PT KAI’s commitment to fulfilling the government’s assignment through the Rp1.8 trillion PMN. “KRL serves as the backbone of the Jabodetabek’s economic activity,” Salusra remarked.

Therefore, the procurement of new trains is critical to prevent overcrowding on both trains and station platforms. PT KAI reported that daily commuter ridership reached 830,000 on weekdays in 2023. This figure has risen to an average of 987,000 per day as of June 2024.

“Passenger volume is expected to continue increasing annually,” he expressed worries.

PT KAI’s current fleet consists of only 108 train sets. By 2024, this number will dwindle to 89 due to the scheduled withdrawal of 17 units for maintenance and refurbishment. To meet the operational demands of 101 trains, PT KAI plans to acquire three new train sets from China in early 2025 through the PMN 2025 allocation. An additional eight new train sets are also planned for procurement later in the year, intended to replace outdated models.

“All trains will be sourced from China,” confirmed PT KAI President Director Budi Noviantoro during the meeting.


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