Indonesia’s IKN Authority Finalizes Mine Rehabilitation Guidelines for New Capital

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesia’s Nusantara Capital City (IKN) Authority has prepared guidelines for the reclamation of land disturbed by mining activities to restore and rehabilitate the ecosystem of the area that will soon become the country’s new capital replacing Jakarta. Myrna Safitri, IKN’s deputy for environment and natural resources, said they had conducted a public consultation on the issue.

“Right now we are preparing for the finalization,” Myrna said at the World Environment Day 2024 celebration in Penajem Paser Utara, East Kalimantan on Friday, June 28, as reported by Antara.

Myrna said the guidelines were prepared to make it easier for mining business permit (IUP) holders to carry out reclamation and post-mining activities, as well as to support the companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. The policy also aims to ensure that reclamation and post-mining activities in IKN are in line with the spatial function and direction of IKN’s development policy.

The IKN Authority is committed to engaging all stakeholders in the process of developing these guidelines. “Every element of society in IKN has an equal right to express its opinion, be it the public, government officials, the private sector or academics,” she said.

The public consultation on mine reclamation was attended by various stakeholder groups, including representatives of central and regional government agencies, companies holding IUPs, law enforcement officials, academics, NGOs and community members. Input from the participants will be reviewed and incorporated into the finalization of the IKN Reclamation and Post-Mining Guidelines.

According to the IKN Authority, as of April 2024, there were 59 IUPs covering 56,895 hectares in the IKN and approximately 17,500 hectares of former mining land. Presidential Decree No. 64 of 2022 on the Spatial Plan of the IKN National Strategic Area states that a valid IUP may carry out production activities until the end of its license period, provided that the IUP holder is obliged to carry out environmental management, one of which is rehabilitation.


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