Indonesia Hosts World Lion Dance Championship, Attracting Athletes From 10 Countries

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesia is hosting the inaugural the Indonesian Lion Dance Sports Federation (FOBI) World Championship 2024 for lion dance, a prestigious event scheduled for May 17-19 at the Britama Arena in Mahaka Square, North Jakarta. This international event is expected to draw around 550 athletes from 10 countries, all set to showcase their prowess in three categories of the sport, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenpora) said in a statement. 

Samsudin, the Expert Staff for Sports Law representing Menpora Dito Ariotedjo, shared at the gala dinner on Thursday night that the government appreciates FOBI’s efforts in advancing lion dance sports in the country. 

“Hosting the lion dance world championship is expected to introduce Indonesia to participating countries and support the improvement of sports tourism, which will certainly positively contribute to the national economy,” Samsudin stated.

This year, the lion dance was included for the first time in the XXI Aceh-North Sumatra 2024 National Sports Week, marking a significant milestone in Indonesia’s sporting history. Hosting the world championship is anticipated to popularize the sport among Indonesians further and enhance the development and coaching of young athletes.

The championship will feature competitions in Barongsai (Southern Lion Dance), Pekingsai (Northern Lion Dance), and Naga (Dragon Dance), each vying for prestigious trophies. The enthusiasm and skill of the participating teams promise to make the championship an exciting and memorable event.

Officials, including the Secretary General of Central KONI, TB Ade Lukman, have lauded the event’s organization, hoping it will significantly contribute to the progress of lion dance sports achievements in Indonesia.

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