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Deputy German Ambassador to Indonesia Says Ferienjob is Not an Internship Program

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Deputy German Ambassador to Indonesia Thomas Graf spoke up about the ferienjob program which was allegedly used as a mode of human trafficking involving students. He explained that ferienjob is not actually an internship program, but provides experience for young people to live and work in Germany. 

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In the process, Graf said prospective ferienjob applicants must contact the targeted company. Before applying, they are also given specific requirements and criteria, including having the necessary language skills. 

“After that, the company will identify candidates,” Graf said in an interview with Tempo Magazine, quoted on April 1. 

After receiving candidates who meet the criteria, Graf said the company must seek approval from the Federal Employment Agency of Germany. This step is considered the most important in the ferienjob program. 

“This is crucial. So, it’s not just about the visa process, but there must also be approval. 

The Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police previously indicated that 1,047 students from 33 universities in Indonesia have fallen victim to this alleged human trafficking front. 

The police have named five suspects in this case, namely Sihol Situngkir, a professor at Jambi University; AJ (52 years old) and MZ (60 years old)-both lecturers at Jakarta State University; and two Indonesian citizens in Germany, namely the Director of PT SHB, Enik Waldkonig (39 years old); and the owner of PT CVGEN, A alias AE (37 years old).

Graf: Ferienjob is not an internship 

Thomas Graf explained that ferienjob is actually a program for foreign students who want to experience working in Germany during the year-end holidays, not an internship. 

Graf said the ferienjob program is designed for students so they can work during the 90-day vacation period. Students are also not charged any fees but directly register with the designated company. 

“The aim is to provide opportunities for young people to understand the labor market in Germany,” Graf said in an interview with Tempo Magazine on March 28, 2024. 

The ferienjob program, according to Graf, aims to provide experience for students who want to work while living in Germany. After all, this program is also said to be accessible worldwide. “However, ferienjob is not an internship program,” he said. 


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