Antam’s Faux Gold Fiasco; Here Are Ways to Check Its Authenticity

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesians are currently shocked by the alleged case of 109 tons of fake Antam gold being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). At least six people, who are former Antam officials, have been named as suspects for illegally printing gold with the Antam trademark.

However, Antam refuted these allegations on Friday, May 31, asserting that the issues of counterfeit gold are not true, and the company guarantees the authenticity and purity of all precious metal gold products manufactured by its Precious Metal Processing and Refining Business Unit (UBPPLM).

How to Verify the Authenticity of Antam Gold

Pure gold, also known as Gold 99, is gold with a content of 999.9 percent. This type of gold is extensively traded, both in jewelry stores and online.

Here are foolproof ways to check the authenticity of fine gold, as summarized from Antam’s official page

1. Physical appearance

One of the simplest ways to ascertain the authenticity of fine gold is to meticulously examine the physical gold bar. Pure gold has a hallmark that indicates its purity level and weight. In ANTAM LM gold, the company’s logo is embossed on the surface alongside the 999.9 percent pure gold content.

2. Packaging

Another way is to scrutinize the packaging. All original ANTAM LM Gold products are sold in top-notch packaging. Especially for ANTAM LM CertiCard products, the packaging is designed to protect the gold from dust exposure.

The authenticity of ANTAM LM Gold in CertiCard packaging can also be validated through the CertiEye application, which can be downloaded from either the App Store or Play Store using the QR code on the bottom of the ANTAM LM CertiCard packaging.

On the other hand, for classic or retro ANTAM LM products, you can illuminate the certificate with a UV light, which will produce a distinctive hologram.

What if the product is no longer encased in CertiCard packaging or is a retro or classic one? Here are the additional verification methods:

1. Assessing the gold’s malleability 

Pure gold is a soft and easily malleable precious metal. If it leaves a mark after being bitten, this serves as one of the indications of its purity.

2. Rubbing the gold

You can also rub the gold with a cloth or by hand to check if the gold color is authentic or merely a layer of other metals. Genuine gold products will not change color when rubbed. However, this method only applies to Antam’s classic or retro gold products.

3. Scent assessment 

It may seem unconventional, but authentic gold can be identified by its odor. Fine gold does not emit a metallic smell like other precious metals such as iron, copper, and other metals.


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