6 Iconic Landmarks in Hong Kong, from Disneyland to Night Market

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Hong Kong is a city notable for its blend of Eastern and Western culture. With its rich culture and history, this seaside city has several popular landmarks. From Victoria Peak, Temple Street, or the Big Buddha, each of these landmarks defines what makes Hong Kong iconic. The following is a list of must-visit iconic landmarks in Hong Kong.

1. Hong Kong Disneyland

For families and Disney enthusiasts, Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island offers a magical experience. This theme park combines classic Disney attractions with unique cultural elements, such as Mystic Point and Grizzly Gulch. The park features themed areas, thrilling rides, and entertaining shows, providing a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages.

2. Victoria Peak

Rising 552 meters above sea level, Victoria Peak provides stunning panoramic views of the city, Victoria Harbor, and the surrounding islands. The Peak Tower, with its distinctive wok-shaped design, contains shops, restaurants, and Sky Terrace 428, Hong Kong’s highest viewing platform. Visitors can reach the top via the historic Peak Tram. This tram has been operating since 1888, taking visitors on a steep and scenic journey.

3. Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbor is the heart of Hong Kong city which separates Hong Kong Island from Kowloon. Famous for its deep waters and strategic location, this has been a key factor in the city’s development. The harbor is known for its stunning skyline, with towering skyscrapers lining both sides. Star Ferry, a historic ferry service operating since 1888, offers a scenic ride across the harbor, providing views of the city’s landscape, especially at sunset.

4. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is a waterfront walkway that runs along the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour. This promenade offers spectacular views of the Hong Kong Island skyline, especially during the Symphony of Lights, an evening multimedia show featuring lasers and music. Along the promenade, the Avenue of Stars pays homage to Hong Kong’s film industry, with handprints of famous stars and statues of Bruce Lee.

5. Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha)

Located on Lantau Island, the Big Buddha, or Tian Tan Buddha, is one of the largest outdoor bronze Buddha statues in the world. Completed in 1993, this building stands 34 meters high and symbolizes the harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Visitors can reach the statue by climbing 268 steps while enjoying the tranquil surroundings and beautiful views. Nearby is Po Lin Monastery, a Buddhist site known for its rich architecture and vegetarian cuisine.

6. Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market, located in the Yau Ma Tei district, is a bustling market known for its lively atmosphere. This market offers a variety of goods, from clothing and accessories to electronics and traditional Chinese items. The market is also well-known for its street food, with many stalls serving local dishes. The vibrant nightlife and fortune tellers add to the market’s unique appeal for tourists looking for an authentic Hong Kong experience.


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