Be Insightful

ContentThe goal of this writer’s statement task is for you to reflect carefully on your unique reading, researching, thinking, and writing processes during the creation and development of your Be Insightful project. This assignment directly supports our course goal of identifying yourself as a writer who controls your own processes for reading, writing, and inquiry.TasksOnce you’ve had some time to think about your processes, please answer the following questions in an essay format:How did you decide which topic to write about for this project?Explain your personal interest in entering the conversation for this topicWas preparing and using your organization tool for this project effective for you? ExplainDescribe your planning and writing processes for this project. Were they effective for you? Why or why not?How well do you think you accomplished this project—especially your ability to synthesize and develop fresh insights to add to the ongoing conversation with your sources?What specifically have you learned from completing the Be Insightful project? Provide details.CRITERIAAs I read your Writer’s Statement, I will be using our course outcome as my guideline for feedback: generate written reflections that use course concepts to assess your own reading, writing, and inquiry processes. What I will be looking for in particular is:a deep level of self-reflection that manifests into self-evaluation;well-developed content;a formal personal narrative essay format that keeps the reader’s interest;and references to specific course concepts, including relevant content from Habits.FORMAT