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Assignment 2 Assignment 2 1 1Running Head: Assignment Assignment Antoine McClendon Discussion

Assignment 2

Assignment 2


1Running Head: Assignment


Antoine McClendon


The organization would focus on manufacturing fast food because the concept of eating fast food has become increased. The type of industry would be secondary because the organization would create the finished good from raw materials. The organization would attract customers from different parts of the country by providing significant quality and good taste according to their needs and requirements. The type of business for this organization would be a partnership with a brand that has a considerable name in the industry. The main strategy that can be used to enhance the rate of success includes making partnerships so that customers’ attraction can become easy and efficient.

The main target audience of the business would be people whose age varies from 15 to 35 because young people are more interested in eating fast foods. Thus, for the customers’ attraction, the organization would provide different offers on special occasions such as valentine’s day and Chrisms day so that more customers can become attached to the organization. The main competitor of the organization includes KFC, McDonald’s, and other food brands that have already made their brand image. The customers are already interested in purchasing products from these brands. Still, the organization would reduce the charges to attract customers because it is one of the most significant processes needed for the business’s success. The location would be near to all other competitors so that competitors’ customers can also be targeted, and the organization needs to make less effort for success in the market (Burns, 2016).

This type of business has attracted me because I have analyzed from the experience that there are different benefits of using partnership. One of the most significant benefits includes the burden of the business can easily be shared. The start of business from starting point is difficult, and a lot of effort and money is needed for getting competitive advantages. Still, it has been found that the share of time and burden would be easily managed by using the partnership as a type of business. Moreover, the experience and skills of the employees also become enhanced due to using this system.

This business would be successful for two main reasons: the high concept of eating fast food and the use of partnership as a type of business. This strategy would enhance the performance, but the organization would be able to make a good brand image that is a major concern of all the businesses in this recent era (Cavalcante, 2014).


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