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Assessment for a Psychological Disorder

Select an Instrument for a Psychological Disorder

In preparation for this assignment, select a psychological test that examines any of the following: pervasive developmental, behavior disorders, substance-related, depression, cognitive-related, or dementia, anxiety, or eating disorders. Find three peer-reviewed articles outside of your textbook on the selected psychological measure of your choice. At least one should discuss historical lineage, prevalence and incidence rates of the disorder(s) and at least one should discuss theoretical concepts of the disorder.

Title: Psychological Testing and Assessment
Edition: 10th (2021)
Author: Ronald Jay Cohen and W. Joel Schneider and Renée Tobin
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Book ISBN: 978-1-2641-6913-9

Write a 5-page paper on the following:

Define psychological testing, measurements, and assessments terms associated with diagnosis, scoring/evaluation, and selection
Describe the historical lineage, prevalence and incidence rates of the disorder(s) associated with the chosen psychological measure.
Based on the articles, discuss the use of your selected measure.
Explain who is qualified to administer and interpret the measure and the settings — such as occupational, academic, clinical, or counseling — in which it would be appropriate to use the measure.
Distinguish between the populations’ characteristics for which your selected psychological measure is valid and invalid.

Your assignment should be a 5-page expository essay, not including the title and reference pages, and should include the following elements:

Title page: Provide your name, title of assignment, course and section number, and date.
Body: Answer all the questions in complete sentences and paragraphs.
Your responses should reflect professional writing standards, using proper tone and language. The writing and writing style should be correct and accurate, and reflect knowledge of skills and practice in the human service profession.
Reference page: Sources listed in APA format.
Include a minimum of three scholarly or academic sources to support your responses and conclusions.
Use Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced and left aligned.
Use standard 1″ margins on all sides.
Use APA formatting and citation style.

Case Study: Drawing on a patient case study this assignment gives you the opportunity to consider a clinical experience you have had with a patient which illustrates the psychological impact of chronic illness and your response to it in your practice.

As a Written Assignment (1,000 words excluding references).- include irish references, use harvard references Suggested Structure of Assignment: Introduction ? Give a brief introduction to the assignment that will include an account of the patient profile and an outline of the chronic illness that is related to the case. When discussing any issue in relation to the case or clinical practice please ensure anonymity is maintained. Main Body- drawing on the literature ? Discuss the psychological reactions and problems of the person with the chronic illness and their family. ? Outline the earliest signs and symptoms that gave an indication of the reactions and problems you have identified. ? Reflect and critically analyse your role in assessing, monitoring, and providing psychological care for the person with the chronic illness and their family. Conclusion ? Present a conclusion to the case study, consider what you might have done differently and what if any are the key learning points that you will take into your future practice.

Research PAPER ASSIGNMENT = 25 pts GENERAL GUIDELINES Papers will not

Psychology Assignment Help Research PAPER ASSIGNMENT = 25 pts GENERAL GUIDELINES

Papers will not be graded unless submitted through SafeAssign.
There will be a 1 point deduction for each day the paper is late-no exceptions.
Do not include a cover sheet. Print only on one side.
Do note reference anything other than the article you have chosen.
Because you are summarizing one research article, you are required to reference it only at the end of your last paragraph (sample below).
No quotes allowed.
Your paper should be double-spaced and ~5 pages long.

Examples of appropriate search engines are PsyInfo, Science Direct or Pub Med

1. In your first paragraph, discuss why you selected the article and how it relates to the class. (5 pts)
2. In your second paragraph, explain how the topic is relevant to the world beyond psychology. (4 pts)
3. In your third paragraph, describe what and how the researchers measured their hypothesis. (4 pts)
4. In your fourth paragraph, explain what they found. (4 pts)
5. In your fifth paragraph, describe why they did the research and its importance. (4 pts)
6. Your last paragraph should contain your comments or an idea not mentioned in the paper. (4 pts)

You must rephrase every idea that is not yours; needless to say plagiarism for this paper assignment will result in an F grade for the paper.
Author(s). (YEAR). Title. Journal, Volume, Pages. (Note: Italicized section). [The second line should be indented] – Just like on the syllabus

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