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In the report, please explain:1. Do some research into the selection process and tools organizations typically use for this position and use it to inform your selection plan. Try to interview job incumbents or knowledgeable HR managers if possible. Check Glassdoor, SHRM and other relevant websites, and be sure to use NYIT’s articles databases.2. Justify the competencies, education and experience levels you are seeking from applicants (these are your selection criteria). Clarify which of these attributes are “must haves”, “preferred”, and “optional”.3. Explain how you propose to evaluate each applicant’s KSAOs. For example, experience can be assessed based on applications or resumes, job knowledge can be assessed through structured interview questions that are scored, test scores, etc. Organize this information in a table.4. How can technology be used to facilitate selection for this job (e.g. virtual interviews, asynchronous interviews, tests, simulations, etc.).5. Propose a sequence of steps in the selection process (e.g. application, test, interview(s), background checks etc.). Explain who will be in charge of each step and who will oversee the entire hiring process (e.g. HR, line management, etc.). Estimate how long it will take for an applicant to go through the process.ALL References should be properly cited using the Chicago/Turabian Style or the APA Style.