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How does MacKinnon’s view of violence and sexuality relate to your assigned reading? What is the social reality of that particular situation (revenge porn, Twitch, OnlyFans, pornography, etc.)? Is this part of violence against women? Is it sexual in nature? Is it about power? What are the implications of normalizing selling sex or normalizing women’s autonomy over their sexuality and control over their own profits? Is it empowerment or part of the same structure of misogynistic control? In essence, how does the idea that male dominance is part of a sexual hierarchy in the society fit with what you are reading? Lastly, what are your own experiences and interpretations on the subjects in your reading?
As a group, come up with an insightful discussion to share with the class.
EACH person has to upload a document, but you can have one document per group.

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TOPIC: The Role of Social Work and Disproportionate Racism Against Indigenous

TOPIC: The Role of Social Work and Disproportionate Racism Against Indigenous Women

Critically apply the concepts of (structural level) of oppression in understanding the oppressed group’s experience of oppression, making reference to related readings and articles.

Structural Level of Oppression Outline
• Briefly Define the Structural Level of Oppression
• Criminal Justice System and its treatment of Indigenous Women
• link back to residential schools (assimilation),
• Child Welfare System (Link to Indigenous Women in Canada)
• Social Welfare System (Link to Indigenous Women in Canada
• Indian Act: Revoking of Women Status if they get married to a Non-Indian Man [supanova_question]

Assessment Plan/Portfolio Due Essay

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The scholar will develop a needs assessment plan/portfolio for assessing a community’s local needs and resources. Students will provide quantitative and qualitative information for 8 needs assessment indicators by a passing score of 80 or better on the assignment.

The topic is: High Rate of Homelessness amongst foster kids that aged out of the system

She gave us two online articles that discuss what to write:[supanova_question]

between racism and capitalism

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