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The intention of the Key Assignment is for you to apply the concepts of this course as it relates to advice on building an effective team.
You will assume the role of “management consultant” (one who is hired from outside the organization—to remain objective—to analyze, strategize, investigate, and make
suggestions on how to improve return on investment [ROI], production, efficiency, or make a team more effective [that is the one you will undertake]). You will use the slides that
you already created in the P3 and P4 IPs to create a seamless, professional PowerPoint presentation that is to be presented to the organization’s management with the intention
of giving critical analysis and strategy to make the improvements in the team.

Combine the presentation you developed from Phase 3 and Phase 4 into a single team development presentation. Using all of your materials from phase 3 and 4 (assignments),
review and Include all of the following items in your final
Make revisions to your power point presentation. Make sure all information gaps are covered and explained in detail
Make sure the language and wording are consistent and clear in the presentation
Make sure the slides are in sequence and easy to follow for your audience
Make sure that the format and design of your slides are consistent throughout the presentation
Identify presentation topics that can be combined into a single slide for transparency
Exclude any materials that are overlapping or repeated to shorten content
You must include a minimum of 8 scholarly references.

erview: This milestone is designed to begin a critical analysis applying

erview: This milestone is designed to begin a critical analysis applying knowledge gained within the course. This short paper assignment is the first step in the
analysis of the company that will become your final project. For the final project, you will review the human resource management (HRM) in an organization
through a real scenario. This case study will give you the opportunity to explore various roles and processes within the human resources profession. A key skill for
any professional working in human resources is the ability to develop and implement processes that align with a company’s strategic plan and mission.
Begin by reading the first 13 pages of the case study, A.P. Moller-Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives (up to HR-Customer Initiative
at Maersk), located in your Harvard Business Review Coursepack.
Start your short paper by briefly answering the following questions:
1. Explain why the human resource function should be aligned with an organization’s strategic plan (use ideas from the Module One discussion on this
2. Explain how current global conditions in Maersk’s industry impact human resource management practices within this organization (use ideas from the
Module One discussion on this topic).
Then, using the material on recruitment strategies provided in this week’s lesson and the case study, address the following:
1. Compare and contrast recruitment and selection of internal versus external candidates in general.
2. Describe how Maersk has recruited and selected new employees who were aligned with the organization’s vision and goals over the years.
3. Assess the effectiveness of its recruitment process and determine what changes if any you would recommend to improve employee success and

Every business produces one or more items; I believe that the human resource function should be integrated with an organization’s strategic plan. They are the primary interviewers who pick personnel; they must accommodate the business adequately and must be informed approximately the type of direction that is being pursued. Because the organization is directing in the proper path, they employ the correct people for the position. Human resources are rather significant. It is central to the company’s success since it is so important in putting the proper people in the correct locations. They can also help a corporation with employee training. Organizations contact us when they require specific training or events. They’ll also gladly assist you in making sure the regulations are followed. The current international environment has an impact on Maersk’s human resource management strategies. Realities of the transportation business. Being a worldwide corporation is a very different ballgame; they must now be highly cognizant of their global environment. In a modest business, things change all the time, only when you’re spread out like that, you have to be prepared to be flexible, which is where human resource management comes in. Companies must recognize when to be flexible and up to date on policies that aren’t standard. Maersk has proved its ability to adapt to changing global conditions; nonetheless, they had designed a two-year training program, but were unable to carry it out due to significant human turnover. They had to completely rethink their training methods, as well as their hiring and selection procedures.

Hiring both inside and externally has advantages and cons. The best answer will be determined by the organization’s needs and the individual position being occupied. Hiring internally offers some advantages. It ensures that the individual is both culturally competent and knowledgeable about the workplace. Hiring from within is also a less expensive, more alternative expensive, more alternative than hiring from outside. The disadvantages are that one may be hiring someone else’s headache or bringing in someone who is content with the status quo (Krell, 2019). If the candidate has issues in either or both of these areas, the department will be in big trouble. Hiring from outside sources has some advantages as well. It receives the ability to breathe new life, perspectives, and ideas into an existing team. Another advantage is that the recruiting manager can select from a much bigger pool of candidates. The drawbacks are always it toward more miserable terminal of the evaluation spectrum. Most external applicants have much poorer performance ratings in the first 24 months with a new organization when compared to employing or promoting internally to similar tasks. As previously stated, Maersk’s HRM management practice had to evolve to meet the global conditions of their manufacture, which resulted in new visions and goals as the company developed. To meet the gaps in their tremendous development, experienced professionals needed to be employed. In the past, inexperienced employees were educated over a longer continuance. If the new visions and goals for growth were to be successful, they demanded to be modified. Maersk’s training programs were updated. New training programs were launched that aimed at decreasing the amount of time it took trainees to progress to the executive brand of the organization. Maersk’s Human resources shifted away from most large-scale training programs and toward more personalized training. Maersk appears to have done all necessary to become a worldwide firm. They also desired to grow into such a corporation rather than remain smaller and more family-oriented. There were alternative routes to becoming a global firm, and it appears they made every exertion to get there.

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Please use the link to complete the following exercises. Using

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