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Film Analysis

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Film Analysis

People tend to admire superheroes due to several reasons. Besides, seem to have important human qualities that make them glamourous in the eyes of the audience. Thus, this essay will explore the splendid qualities, connecting with their inner child and how glamour functions as a persuasive provoker via superheroes. Thus, superheroes are important and, in due course, make the audience lead vicarious lives through their characters.

Superheroes enable audiences to escape reality. The Superhero Worship film paper explores the glamour of amusing heroes coming to life. The superheroes create authentic and relatable but incredible hopes and dreams. People dream of becoming superheroes because of their advanced capacities. A superhero is just a normal person who leads a life like any other person. However, behind their mask, they can fly, destroy things with eyes, and lift mountains to save humanity against the threat of villains. All these characteristics are beyond the reality of life because no one can do what they do. The film “Batman” has no superpowers but uses advanced intelligence, wealth, and fighting skills to counter the villains. Batman trains himself physically and intellectually to become vicious,

Superheroes allow individuals to connect with their inner child. The superheroes allow people to consistently learn through curiosity to gain new experiences, just like children do. The four superpowers of one’s inner child get unleashed through superheroes. They consist of vision, speed, imagination, and brain. For example, in the film “Wonder Woman,” a young lady named Diana participates in athletics against older Amazons. This means she can dare tough challenges that are beyond her capacity. On the other hand, Batman’s film has the main character swearing vengeance against those who killed his parent. Batman uses his intelligence to train himself and kills the criminals that murdered his parents.

Superheroes have admirable traits that separate them from villains. The superheroes have positive characteristics like advanced speed, strength, intelligence, and gadgets. In most cases, they are moral and sympathetic. The film paper “Superhero Worship” shows that superheroes are masters of their bodies and their surroundings. They normally work in groups to offer perfect friendships built on shared goals. On the contrary, the villains are always obsessed with many things like power, sex, or revenge. For example, Batman was introduced as a ruthless vigilante killing criminals, but he reformed to observe moral codes and justice because he was a superhero. The criminals that killed his parents are the villains here.

Glamor works as a persuasive provoker through the use of superheroes. Glamour defines the attractive quality that makes superheroes appear appealing. Superheroes don’t just focus on one distinct part of glamour but rather the entire meaning of the word. Glamour functions as a persuasive provoker that makes the audience believe the superheroes can fly (Postrel, 2006). Glamour has been used in the “Batman” film to explain the concept of the generic superhero who transforms into something that resembles a bad so that he can fly.

To conclude, superheroes help people escape reality and link with their inner child. This is attained by enabling the audience to lead vicarious lives via the characters of the superheroes. This confirms that the superheroes are glamorous to the audience and have traits that can be admired that normal people relate to. In the film, wonder woman, the superheroine named as the title, has a mindset and vision that is advanced smartly.


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