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All instructions are attached. Show be 4 paragraphs and may need

All instructions are attached. Show be 4 paragraphs and may need to go over the 275 word limit. Please complete as stated in the instructions.

it a fictional trip report. Instructions are provided.

Trip Report Assignment

Assignment Rationale:
The successful operation of many companies and organizations depends on reports that are either circulated internally or submitted to customers, clients, and others. This assignment assesses your ability to apply the strategies discussed in class and read about in the text through the completion of one of the most common types of informal reports, the trip report.

You are still the assistant to Gloria Emmanuel, founder and director of MEND, a public health advocacy and education organization which serves the population of the west San Fernando Valley. Ms. Emmanuel has received some grant funding to attend the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting (held this year (2020) in Philadelphia from 11/2-11/6—use these dates). However, Ms. Emmanuel’s sixth grandchild is due to be born that same weekend, so she doesn’t want to leave town. This means that you get to benefit from the funds and attend the conference.

While you are there, you are expected to attend at least three sessions—programs, caucuses, meetings, and/or continuing education (CE) sessions. The material presented in these sessions should be something that will be relevant to MEND—something that will facilitate in some way the services you provide to the community. Your task is to attend these sessions, pay close attention and take careful notes, and then on your return, compose and deliver a report that will update Ms. Emmanuel on your experience. The report should make it clear what MEND got for its money by sending you to the conference.

To carry out this assignment, you’ll be researching through the conference program (website posted on Canvas); picking three abstracts/descriiptions of caucuses, meetings, and continuing education sessions. Then you will read—and re-read—the information carefully—and then synthesize that information into your report.

Remember that the sessions you choose have to be in some way relatable to your employment and your employer’s mission. So while a session on the epidemiology of TB in India might be really, really interesting to you, it will be a tough sell to convince Ms. Emmanuel that this was worth the conference fee. You should plan to do some very preliminary research on the health issues of the San Fernando Valley, or your personal experience might be enough to help you choose your programs.

The final report should be in memo format—it’s an internal communication—and not to exceed two single-spaced pages in length (plus the addendum). Keep in mind that graphic organizers are really helpful in presenting the material efficiently and persuasively. Also keep in mind that the material has to be organized around a common concept—how your acquisition of this material will be good for MEND and for the clients you serve. Audience and purpose analysis will help you focus your results and your message.

Addendum: To the memo, you should also append a list of the sessions you attended (title, presenter, and any other pertinent information) and any contacts you made. This can be in any format, but it should be consistent with the memo and easy to read.

Adapted from Professor Kathy Leslie

I do not know how many pages it has to be , it is up to you, so I put 1. But please write more, if you think it’s better, and I will adjust and fix the payment accordingly. Thank you.

Also, two websites you will need, which they talk about are:

I also attached the file instructions. Thank you!

English Question

English Assignment Help To begin this assignment, compose your Essay by addressing the following requirements:
Use the Position Argument template
Choose a topic for Basic Income for Position: Minimum Wage topic specifically. (you could use minimum wage as a topic for basic income argument)
Write a Thesis Statement that states a stance (Position)
Offer clear, fully-developed body paragraphs, making sure that compelling and convincing evidence is used.
Acknowledge the opposition and address it via refutation or concession.
Ensure that all borrowed material, quotes and summaries, from the source essays or outside sources is parenthetically cited to avoid plagiarism.
Offer bibliographic citations for any material you choose to use (it is not required that you use any) in the Works Cited at the end of the paper. (MLA8 Format)
Please find outside sources that are credible and also provide strong information to your argument.
Write 800 words.

English Question

Write two (2) paragraphs critiquing points made in Susan Blum’s article, “Academic Integrity and Student Plagiarism”.
For each paragraph, begin with a brief summary of the point you are critiquing.
Concede (if you feel this is necessary) and refute her point.
Provide support for your opinion (note in my examples, I have not done that).
Use a variety of evaluative language structures.
Note: If desired, you can critique the same point two different ways Accessing the Article:
You can access this article two ways:
Google Scholar: Search “academic integrity, susan blum”.
Paper Link:

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