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(Advanced) in Chile Essay

Write 4-sentences summarizing the content of one of the assigned readings. You may include an assessment of the author’s argument in paper if you like. What’s her argument? Do you find it convincing? Write in complete, grammatically correct sentences.

Assigned Readings:

Giunta, Andrea. “Chile: Poetics of Resistance.” In Radical Women: Latin American Art

Hyacinthe, Genevieve. Introduction in Radical Virtuos :Pages 3-57.

For the final project, prepare a 5–7–minute PowerPoint presentation on the

For the final project, prepare a 5–7–minute PowerPoint presentation on the following:

Read the attached article and complete the activities below:

1. Identify some programs (public and private) aimed at assisting the poor or alleviating poverty. Consider especially emergency aid made available to communities, individuals, and small businesses due to the Corona virus pandemic (Find 3-5 programs, describe each one in 2 sentences, and list their websites; 6-10 sentences total).

Establish 3 criteria for assessing the success of these programs overall (that is, identify why these programs are truly helpful programs for people in need). Write 6 sentences total.

Then, evaluate them on that basis. What factors contribute to success? Explain your reasoning in 1 paragraph. This activity should take 3-4 hours.

2. Using recent census data, research the median income for the neighborhood in which you were supposed to do your service learning (or your own neighborhood if you never had a site). How does this income data compare with data for the United States in general? For this neighborhood’s city? For NJ in general? Create a chart that compares these four data points.

Try this site and look for others as well:

3. Compare the median income of people living in the neighborhood with the estimated living expenses offered by the Consumer Expenditure Survey ( for the same geographic area. What do you notice? Write a paragraph that begins with the two data points.

CREATE the PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate what you found in your research. You will be graded on what you present.

You must also submit your findings (the required sentences) in writing on that date as well. Upload to Moodle.

After reading the “Title IX” document, answer the following question: What

After reading the “Title IX” document, answer the following question:

What is Title IX and how does it support you as a student?

Should Not Be Able to Share Personal Data from Customers

Writing Assignment Help Hello, I need a 5 page Literature Review edit and proofread on why companies should not be able to share and sell personal data they collect from customers. There is a lot of redundant and repeated phrases, and the flow of the paper is not good. Please edit it to make it flow smoothly with no grammatical errors. Thank you.

Here is my thesis for the paper: While collecting and using a customer’s personal data is not harmful, companies should not be able to share data with other companies because it is unethical and breaches privacy rights every human has.

Here are the directions from my teacher:


Delve into the research on your topic to find out what has been said or done to study the issue, what recommendations have been made, what interventions have been tested, and what results have been found based on existing data. In reviewing all of this data, our first assumptions must be that this research does not exist in a vacuum, and ALL research has limitations. Keeping these two facts in mind, what educated conclusions can we make? What more would we like to see to help us answer those questions? How do the different studies speak to the limitations of the other studies and attempt to uncover new information and enlighten our understanding? This is the purpose of a literature review.

Module/Assignment Objectives

Locate effective sources that provide a range of perspectives on the topic for the final essay (likely one of the narrowed topics chosen from the Topic Narrowing Exercise) (4)
Summarize works with attention to audience and literature review’s purpose (7)
Synthesize sources to describe the history of the topic; analyze and evaluate the logic and details that have changed over time (3, 8)
Discuss how your own work will add to this body of knowledge (8)
Follow MLA or APA formatting and style guidelines (1)
How to Write a Literature Review
A literature review is not an annotated bibliography. In no less than 4 full pages, your literature review should focus on all of the same aspects as an annotated bibliography (e.g., credibility, information, relevance), but it will not separate the sources. This will allow you to go deeper into how the sources are talking to each other about the same elements of the topic. You should review a variety of sources for this assignment though you will only need to discuss five of those sources in the literature review. At least one of the sources should be from a specialized database, and one should express an opposing view. All source material should be credible, and it is best if most of your sources are from academic journals, rather than news sources. The introduction will establish your argument (with any changes made in response to prior feedback) and its purpose for the intended academic audience. The depth of your analysis should consider methodologies, populations, limitations, and any other pertinent information. Then this analysis is synthesized to describe how these sources speak to different elements of your topic and the current research and debates focused on that topic.

The organization of the discussion of the literature should demonstrate connections made–not separate summaries of each source. Sources must be cited in either MLA or APA with proper formatting (e.g., title page for APA or proper heading for MLA).

At least one source MUST be from a specialized database (not ProQuest or Academic Search).

As always, review the rubric before submitting your work.

Literature Review Requirements:
5 sources, including one from a specialized database and one source that opposes your position

that a person can invest in their future

Needs to be 5 paragraphs, 800 words.
thesis statement is: Eliminating Debt, saving money, and obtaining higher education are three ways that an individual can invest in their future.

This teacher is very broad in what he wants. this is

This teacher is very broad in what he wants.
this is just a basic summary of the chapter 12.
All you have to do is summarize chapter mostly chapter 12.

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