A leter to Department of Veterans Affairs

he asking me to  help him write a letter  since he has alot in his plate, but i’m not good at writing so if you can ask me out. So the letter gonna be in his point of view explaining to the  Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) how his condition hinders him for doing his job in the military( us navy) he’s has been though alot. so during  late 2019 one they he was really stress out  from work, and while riding back on  his motorcycle he lost control and but he  didn’t care anymore so he ran into a tree hoping that gonna end him but how he got a broken shoulder(right). He also a right handed so doing  daily chore is very difficult for him and it’s really effect at work. he already went though  a surgery, he got some motions back but its still unstable and throbbing when he’s rotate his shoulder.  the Navy ships has alot of ladders so keeping 3 points contact is difficult for him plus if the ship is sway  during rough water and I don’t think he  can  stabilized himself with that shoulder/arm, and god forbit if he missed step. Also during General Quarter(GQ)( it’s a drill/ readiness for combat purposes) all hatches on the ship has to be closed, only small hole called scuttlebutts are open, you have  to perform a pullup to get over the hatch and he is unable to do so. Standing an arm watch, well he can stand a watch with armed up but i don’t think he can stand it affectively with his condition. He also has sensitive skin red spots, and  apprently its hurt when he’s taking shower, and his back is constantly hurting so he’s really sit for a long time and his job in the navy is operational specialist(OS) basically is sitting all day in the darkroom looking at radars. He’s also suicidal, I belived he tried to off himself 3 times already, he  doesn’t share much, I know he drinks a lot, drink like a sailor he said, 6 times a week geez lol. I think the other 2 times he was using pills. I know he isnt close to his  family/ he’s in the middle of his seperation of this wife, his house recently got burned down, he lost 2 cats and a dog and literally everything. Me and him use to play video games and ride bike together but now he’s a completely different person, he got no interested in anything. Shoot me and email if you need more infor ([email protected] yahoo.com)