A Historical Site Architecture The building is a chapel built in the

A Historical Site Architecture

The building is a chapel built in the thirties. The building is adjacent to a historical site with a fountain intertwined with a breezeway complementing the architectural design. The beige color of concrete, the cantilevers seemed unnatural, the red steel mimicking one another. The chapel is almost perfect symmetry. It is similar to the adjacent historical site with a difference at the base near the entrance. The stairs are low pitched painted red. On the other side of the entrance is a low wall nestling an alcove. The site makes the building unique in this location.

I came across one of the individuals who knew the architectural designers of the building. He seemed to admire the custom cast old size concrete blocks. He was reminiscing as the building had been a significant part of his life. He told me that the site was a four feet grid system with exterior dimensions. He mentioned the custom cast 9 inches by 36-inch concrete blocks. Also, there are thousands of hand-placed glad pieces around the building steps. He mentioned that the original design was shaped like a bowtie to represent music as the architect loved wearing a suit and bowtie to music festivals and concerts.

To sum it all, the build speaks a lot about the architect’s sophistication. He seemed like a perfectionist doing things the right way. After my experience at the site, I inquired about its history and heard so many interesting tales of the same. The tales were in line with what the man had told me. I left with the site feeling like a part of its history.