5-1 Final Project Milestone Three: Five Pieces Refined, Batch 2 Assignment

Each piece should illustrate some level of improvement and refinement based on that feedback. These five pieces will ultimately be included in your print-ready portfolio and digital portfolio.FeedbacksWhen I first started doing freelance web design I never imagined that we’d have the sort of variety and responsiveness that’s currently available. I think your second five are a representative sample of the the options we now have across the varied technologies that bring the world to our fingertips.The visual hierarchy you’ve employed does an excellent job of driving the viewer to the most pertinent information and then down the page to the other details. On the “Food You Love” page, the highlighting of the featured item makes it really easy for viewers to understand where they are in the menu. The general layout of the 5 pieces is also well organized symmetrically whether you have two or three main images. I also think the bold, solid colors help keep the focus on the content. The size of your images bring to mind only mobile devices for me so I’d like to see how your design would look on desktops, laptops, and tablets as well. That responsiveness is really key so it would be great to see how you’ve paired it to the user experience.Overall the layouts you’ve created are extremely clean, user friendly, and keep the focus on the content. I’m really looking forward to seeing you finished portfolio!These design concepts are amazing. They are clean, sleek, fun, and lively. Each is also very organized and balanced, and makes good use of visual hierarchy. I can get a sense of the business’ personalities through how the applications are set up and displayed along with the color schemes chosen. You also make good use of negative and positive space in the compositions provided and made it so each app still felt different from one another while keeping the same standards and quality. The only thing I would want to tweak is the image of the framed photos and couch as it is slightly fuzzy in resolution. However, everything else to your layouts and cohesion is fantastic. Great work!