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Being a resident of a community in New York City, I know most of the problems facing my community. Some of the issues include high living costs, increasing crime rate, affordable housing challenges, youth unemployment, and an increasing rate of poverty. For our discussion, I will concentrate on poverty.

Poverty within the community living in the urban community is caused by a low level of income and an increased cost of living. The cost of living in New York is higher, creating a challenge to its dweller, forcing them to live in poverty or near poverty. Most people’s level of income is below the cost of living. Low income affects their access to better housing, quality education, good health care, and enhanced security.

The most affected by the increasing rate of poverty are women and children. Besides, other sectors that depend on citizens for financial support are also affected. Meeting different needs beyond the basic needs has been a challenge forcing people to engage in more than one income-generating activity, such as being employed on a full-time and part-time basis. Women suffer from struggling with child-rearing and supplement what the breadwinners provide (Smith, 2017). Moreover, institutions such as schools and hospitals have ended the burden to cater to those who cannot afford the payment of the service.

People in the best solution of solving the problem are politicians, investors, mayors, state and federal governments. Fight against poverty is a team responsibility. Those in power should address the root cause of poverty by looking at its remedies. Mayors and urban administration should ensure that the city has excellent affordable housing by looking for investors to invest in housing. In addition, the federal and state governments have the power of regulating the cost of living to ensure it is comparable with other states.

Besides, both governments have the power to affect the causes making it to shoot and subsidize it. Politicians have a way of solving the problems by amending the law and passing bills that will lead to poverty reduction in the New York City community (Galvin, 2019). The statements may include better pay for employees, increased employment, better health care, and citizens being given insurance for health services. Moreover, investors to contribute to more introduction of informal industries in New York City to create more employment for youths.

On the other hand, political leaders, mayors, investors, states, and the federal government have solved the problems. Lack of proper communication and plans concerning the issue has been keeping them away. The state government and urban administration have not prioritized the problem. With adequate communication and coordination, the situation could have been solved and poverty reduced if not eradicated.


Galvin, D. J. (2019). From labor law to employment law: The changing politics of workers’ rights. Studies in American Political Development, 33(1), 50-86.

Smith, K. (2017). 5. Changing Gender Roles and Rural Poverty. In Rural poverty in the United States (pp. 115-132). Columbia University Press.[supanova_question]

Short Answer Assignment W5

Your business walks and boards dogs. Please answer the following questions accordingly:Discuss and describe your distribution (Place) strategyWhat is your branding strategy? How do you want your product/service to be perceived? What steps will you implement to work towards that end (eg: if you want the BEST customer service levels, how will you approach hiring and training?). What emotions and sense of functionality do you want people to experience when they think of your brand?Tied to #2, how will you nurture and grow this brand? It’s not a light switch approach, you have to tend the garden, as it were. From social media to marketplace perceptions, discuss in detail how you intend to manage the perception of your business.[supanova_question]

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Kano model

Segmentation of Customer Requirement

The definition of quality and the ultimate appropriation of a commodity or service rendered in the business world is entirely dependent on the consumers of those products and not the firms producing them (Južnik Rotar & Kozar, 2017). Therefore, it is imperative that the firms take note of the customers’ views on various goods to ensure devising of ways that serves fully to satisfaction

Identification of the customer requirements and breaking them into dissatisfiers and satisfiers is one of the means to get the hint of how best a firm provides its goods to the customer. According to Professor Noriaki Kano, these are the basic foundational tools to keep the business running. Dissatisfiers describe the must-haves while the satisfiers reflect the wants that are to be met for a certain purpose and aim (Južnik Rotar & Kozar, 2017). The businesses must ensure they do not get too invasive as this could be detrimental rendering the laid down procedures to backfire and prove not worthy (Južnik Rotar & Kozar, 2017). Identifying the hidden interest of the general population concerning a certain product should be discreet not to scare away potential buyers and at the same time providing the best services for them.

Determining Customers Requirements

Lately, the emphasis is more on the services offered more than the product provided. This alone provides a hint to any organization of how best to suit this to their best terms so that the quality perceptions align with the expectations of the users of the commodity (Južnik Rotar & Kozar, 2017). Firms must be innovative enough to introduce exciters to earn customer interest. This has to continue for the longest time possible. Also, market research within the Kano model would be of great help to identify the requirement (Evans & Lindsay 2017). To earn the maximum returns, a questionnaire maybe is used with separate list features, each having a prototype for demonstration, which should not be expensive. The listed features should not be too many and the responses given by the customers are the beacons of focusing on the right features, ensuring the providence of more than the basic demands of the buyers. The Kano model is just one of the methods of clearly interpreting the customer’s choices and creating clarity among others that firms may employ for their sales success.


Evans, J. R., & Lindsay, W. M. (2017). Managing for quality and performance excellence. Cengage Learning.

Južnik Rotar, L., & Kozar, M. (2017). The Use of the Kano Model to Enhance Customer Satisfaction. Organizacija, 50(4), 339–351. https://doi.org/10.1515/orga-2017-0025[supanova_question]

Persuasive PowerPoint slides Presentation about “does traveling make people more open minded?”

Writing Assignment Help I need you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (12-14 slides including the title and exit slid) about the argument “Is personality a factor in landing a job?”
Title page
Introduction (about traveling in general/ why people travel)
My argument (I agree)
Please add image references under each image used in the PowerPoint slides (whoo took or made it/ year ) add them to the reference slide APA style. (will show you an example)
Make the slides neat and simple using meaningful images and graphics
In each slide, keep points simple, and Under each slide “note section” explain each slide in detail (The actual presentation part, since we will not be able to present it)

presentation slides

I need you to make me slides and the script for a presentation about Teasing and Bullying, the presentation has to teach and introduce people to the Teasing and Bullying topic in five minutes that means I need enough slides and script for five minuets and try to include some activities. Moreover, I need you to find a short video to introduce the topic of Teasing and Bullying, the video does not count on the five minutes slides.

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In the Contract Management values, there are about three metrics used to ensure a smooth process. Contract efficiency is one of the metrics which has the purpose of monitoring the time and the life cycle of the contract. Moreover, it monitors the contract value assessment, vendor, geographical trends as well as customer and deduces if all milestones of the contract are met. The contract efficiency is thus timely and measurable. The other metric used in the contract efficacy. Such metric is used to measure the performance by several functions. For instance, the program and the contracts per client. It also involves the contracts number by value variance, type, historical legacy, and contract trend (Muhammad et al., 2019). Contract risk is the other metric used in the contract management value stream. It observes various contracts that might have been overdue for approvals. The metric focuses on the vendor authorizations and standard clause variance. The metric is also concerned with dispute resolving and expiring contracts without renewal.

There are shortcomings that may hinder the expected performance of the contract management. They include documentation of details in the current program to deduce the areas that may need improvement and be worked on. Delays might be experienced in getting relevant information to help advance in the proper utilization of the metrics. Lack of proper guidance and advice may hold back the seen opportunities of improvement in contact (Safa et al., 2017). There is a need for contract consultation for more assistance and gain practical recommendations. More shortcomings might be experienced in reducing risks and lack of improvement on compliance on the metrics. Slowed down performance and undertaking of the specific plan and conditions might lead to more delays in the efficient performance of the contract.


Muhammad, K., Saoula, O., Issa, M., & Ahmed, U. (2019). Contract management and performance characteristics: An empirical and managerial implication for Indonesia. Management Science Letters, 9(8), 1289-1298.

Safa, M., Shahi, A., Haas, C. T., & Hipel, K. W. (2017). Construction contract management using value packaging systems. International Journal of Construction Management, 17(1), 50-64.[supanova_question]