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• 2,000 words • Typed in Word • 12pt Times New

• 2,000 words
• Typed in Word
• 12pt Times New Roman or Calibri font
• 1” margins on all sides
• Double-spaced
• MLA format
• Works cited (Include all references you may have used; additional references not required)
• Grammatically correct
• Title page
• Title of paper
o Name
o Course name, number, and instructor’s name
o Graphic/image relevant to the topic
Content of the Paper:
• Introduction or purpose of the paper. This opening part suggests acquainting the reader with the focus of the paper.
• Body: It is usually divided into various headings and sub-headings connected with different aspects of the topic. For example:
• Heading 1: History of the Issue.
• Heading 2: Extent of the Research.
• Conclusion: Sums up the points made in the term paper and gives a strong answer to the main points covered in the introduction.

on Current Events Essay

Select an article/ chapter from HBR 10 Must Reads and relate how it can impact a current event.

*article is in the files*

*current event suggestion = nurse shortage/retention in America

reference for article:
Harvard Business Review (2011). HBR’s 10 Must Reads: On Leadership. Massachusetts: Harvard Business School Publishing.

Should the US Government curtail salmon fishing to protect orca populations?

Write a policy memo for the chosen question.
Word limit is exact or less than 500 word( The word limit does not including title,bibliography or figure titles and captions. )
Make sure you answer these questions: What is the fundamental issue behind the policy question? What would happen if the answer to your question is no?
o What would happen to the ecological system? Economic system? Socio-cultural
characteristics of the coastal communities?
• What would happen if the answer to your question is yes?
o What would happen to the ecological system? Economic system? Socio-cultural
characteristics of the coastal communities?
• What are the critical issues that need further scientific research? That is, what are the
important unanswered questions (e.g., issues associated with risks and uncertainty)?
• What are the appropriate government agencies (state and/or federal) that are responsible
for making the final decision?
o Describe the potential roadblocks that could limit the ability of a government
institution from answering yes to the question.
• What are the key stakeholders that might support or oppose the policy?
• Based on your research, what would you recommend and why? (last paragraph)

the twenty first century (past, present, and future)

Writing Assignment Help Evaluate and critique the case using the theories, facts, and
arguments raised in the accompanying chapter and lecture materials. The purpose of
these essays is to integrate the theoretical and academic issues raised in the chapter with
the real life examples covered in the case studies. Only a small portion of the case study
should be devoted to a restatement of the facts of the case study.
You must, in the writing of the essays, use, incorporate and cite the class lectures,
textbook chapter, and five academically rigorous outside sources. These essays will be
graded on the following criteria: (1) demonstrated mastery of the chapter and case study;
(2) analytical sophistication; (3) substantive use of the lectures, textbook and additional
sources; and (4) organization, writing proficiency; and overall presentation. The cases are from the book crime and justice learning through cases. Case #8 I would like the essay to be on and Chapter 8. MLA format in text citations, with reference page.

Argumentation Essay Analysis Read the two essays pro and against and

Argumentation Essay Analysis
Read the two essays pro and against and analyze them for their argumentative elements.

1) What are the thesis lines in both articles?

2)Name the types of claims in the articles
Are they claims of fact – something that can be proven factually, or policy – espousing a change of law, or procedure, or values – having to do with morality and abstract ideas?
3)What type of support do the narrators of the story offer for their arguments. What type of support could they have added?
4) Do they offer a rebuttal to the other side’s opinion. If so what is it?
5) Which to you was the stronger argument and why?

Critic Video Analysis Essay

PROFESSORS INSTRUCTIONS : Having watched the video Wood European Lecture on Paul Cezanne, where I describe how the artwork functions both literally in terms of its composition and metaphorically in terms of its deeper contextual meaning, go ONLINE to a VIRTUAL MUSEUM (The Getty, LACMA, MOCA, etc) OR PHYSICALLY GO TO A MUSEUM OR GALLERY and pick two different artworks by two different artists– drawings, a paintings, sculptures, etc. from the 19th or 20th Century and make your own video AND essay, describing why you feel the works are culturally significant, i.e. enriches our understanding of the world around us. Focus on three elements, line, color and light and discuss how these elements operate within the scope of the work and WHAT MEANING do you derive from this? You will WRITE a 1000 word essay which you WILL READ over the video images. You will then POST YOUR ESSAY with citations. In terms of grading, I will grade on Content (bio about the artist and background, citing at least 3 separate sources — i.e. gallery descriiption of work, artist’s personal statement, any reviews of the piece, magazine articles and online citations AND Originality i.e. are your ideas new and engaging? Each will be worth approximately 25 points for a total of 50 points . Video MUST BE at least 5 minutes, and must have at least 3 citations from different sources listed.
MY INSTRUCTIONS : Just do the essay that is 1000 words, because I do not think this website does video presentations. Can you please provide me the two paintings you did the assignment on, since I will be doing the video myself describing them and reading off the essay you wrote.

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