1 Memorandum To: From: Date: September 26, 2021 Subject: Side Effects Of





Date: September 26, 2021

Subject: Side Effects Of Vaccine

I am submitting the memorandum to obtain feedback from the class and the lecturer. I welcome comments from you, my fellow students, on the subject. I would also want to know your view concerning the topic I selected as my project and advise me on more sources to add to my research. The memorandum welcomes criticism from you, whether negative or positive and proposals for those with negative comments. I am curious to find the side effects of vaccine and how effects in our bodies. In my proposal, I have used three articles and below are the links to get them.

Menni, C., Klaser, K., May, A., Polidori, L., Capdevila, J., Louca, P., … & Spector, T. D. (2021). Vaccine side-effects and SARS-CoV-2 infection after vaccination in users of the COVID Symptom Study app in the UK: a prospective observational study. The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Morales-Núñez, J. J., Muñoz-Valle, J. F., Meza-López, C., Wang, L. F., Machado Sulbarán, A. C., Torres-Hernández, P. C., … & Hernández-Bello, J. (2021). Neutralizing Antibodies Titers and Side Effects in Response to BNT162b2 Vaccine in Healthcare Workers with and without Prior SARS-CoV-2 Infection. Vaccines, 9(7), 742.

Patil, A. P., Patil, T. M., Shinde, A. R., Vakhariya, R. R., Mohite, S. K., & Magdum, C. S. (2021). Nutrition, Lifestyle & Immunity: Maintaining Optimal Immune Function & Boost Our Immunity. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, 9(3), 129-136.

Several students in the class, including me, have not much idea of how vaccines function in the body. It is the work of the immune system in the body to fight against infections. The immune system uses the white blood cells to fight against diseases once they invade the body.There are three types of white blood cells which include macrophages, B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes. The blood requires a boost to fight the infections referred to as a vaccine.Vaccines work in a way that they imitate the disease to combat the germ.

To furthrer research topic, I will conduct some preliminary reading to restrict the topic and focus on a certain area of the side effects of vaccine in order to learn more about it. Several papers appear to be extremely readable in the Google Scholar Full Text Select and ProQuest Research Libraries databases, and they should help me better comprehend the issue.Organizations like Gavi and WHO have created reports and white papers on the issue that can be instrumental to my research process.In order to have a good foundation for writing my thesis,I want to locate at least 10 to 15 recent publications from trade magazines and journals.

I intend to finish my research for my paper next week. The sources listed above can provide sufficient background material on my topic for the Informative Abstract assignment, which is due on October 17. In addition, my Formal Topic Proposal will be backed up by at least three peer-reviewed and reliable sources (due on October 20). I will have identified all of the sources I need to finish my homework by October 27 during the necessary Preliminary Bibliography. My outline will provide a clear image of the topics that will be covered in my research paper, as well as a peep into my thought process (due on November 3). Finally, by November 12th, I will have completed both my original and final drafts.[supanova_question]

Discussion response Markowitz main theory is about diversification in a portfolio. When

Discussion response

Markowitz main theory is about diversification in a portfolio. When one invests in securities the risks can go high or low following high or low returns in exchange. By creating a mixed portfolio one can achieve their financial goals depending on their risk tolerance. An efficient frontier  is when one achieves the highest return at minimal risk; In other words, the sweet spot. The efficient frontier is a curved line along the y-axis. The minimum variance portfolio is combination of securities that aid in minimizing risk. The line towards the bottom before the curve is typically where the minimum variance portfolio sits.

The risks that investors like to take or should take is where they can get higher returns with less risk, such as efficient frontier. Investors prefer liquid investments and securities such as Corp bonds, case, online checking/savings accounts, and so forth.

The portfolio that dominates is the one with that is less likely to lose more. For instance, if portfolio A has a higher risk than portfolio B, but they meet in the end, then B is a better choice. Portfolio A can earn more, but has a high risk of loosing.

 Please refer to the attachment.

Guided response

Assume that the same client has now asked your classmate to help them decide which portfolio to choose. In your post to your classmate,

Explain to your classmate the concept of indifference curves.

Identify one portfolio from their graph that would be appropriate for an investor with high-risk tolerance and one portfolio from their graph that would be appropriate for an investor with low-risk tolerance.[supanova_question]

M4 Collaborative Report Project Instructions–Recommendation Report ASSIGNMENT PROJECT 4: INSTRUCTIONS As we

M4 Collaborative Report Project Instructions–Recommendation Report



As we have discussed over the course of the semester, writing in the workplace is most often done collaboratively. In this final project of the semester, you will collaboratively compose a formal report. This project allows you to apply all the skills you’ve developed in the previous three projects:

Analysis of audience and purpose

Composition for a specific audience and purpose with a tailored writing style

Creation and integration of visuals

Engagement in significant research

Participation in collaborative work

You will create an extended work of professional and technical writing that allows you to showcase what you have learned while further developing your collaborative skills and leveraging each other’s strengths to make a thorough, effective, accurate and well-designed report.

In the first week, you’ll get into teams and focus on setting up a successful collaboration. You’ll have three weeks to compose a full draft of your report, and one week to revise for the final draft.

Your report will include data visualizations to establish the scope of the problem and/or potential impacts of solutions. Visuals are a necessary element of effective report, because, as you have learned, they make data accessible for the audience in an engaging format. Your visualizations should be fair and accurate, and also tailored to your audience and purpose.

Download Recommendation Report Rubric Download Download Recommendation Report Rubric

Recommendation Report Project

Project Description

Project 4 asks students to work in groups of 4-6 to collaboratively write a recommendation report focused on one, local, real problem. Students will research a problem and write a recommendation report that describes the problem, identifies a possible solution, and includes a proposed implementation plan. Students will work collaboratively on project 4, completing a report of approximately 8-12 pages (single-spaced with figures/graphs) which will require significant research. Note: the cover page, table of contents, works cited, and appendices are NOT included in the 8-12 page range.

The Importance of Research

In completing the Recommendation Report assignment, your team will select a local problem, describe the problem, propose a solution, and prove the solution’s viability—including plans for implementation.

As with all reports, the recommendation report hinges on research. However, the research for the recommendation report works to prove to the audience that the recommended action is an achievable, workable, and appropriate solution to the problem given the practical constraints (i.e., resources, budget, time, personnel, etc.). Recommendation reports address the following questions:

What problem are you going to solve?

How are you going to solve it?

Is it practical to pursue this solution?

What are the benefits of the solution?

How much will the work cost?

When and how will you complete the work?

The answers to these must be based on research. Research informs both the description of the problem and the practical aspects of implementing your recommendation.


Topic Selection

Your group should work together to select a topic (problem) for your report. You might consider building on the work of one or more group members’ project 3 research. (Note, however, that you will need to complete additional research beyond what members have done in project 3.)

The problem you decide to examine should be a real issue on the USF campus, in the local workplace, or in the Tampa community.


Collaboration and Team Charter

Successful collaborative writing is a major objective of Project 4 and of our course as a whole. During the first week of this project, we will take time to consider the collaborative nature of the project and to make plans for successful group work. You will be asked to consider your work habits and the implications of those habits when working collaboratively. You should use your strengths in the workflow and in assigning duties–i.e., math skills, attention to detail, writing skills, visual design skills, strong organizational skills. You should also make plans to negotiate work habits like procrastination or perfectionism to ensure that all team members complete work on time and up to your team’s specifications. Furthermore, you should address issues related to online learning and remote communication. How will you communicate with members of your group? How will you share and edit the teams’ writing and research? Etc.

To address the issues outlined above, you will work with your group members to create a Team Charter that outlines the following: your team’s online communication plan, your collaboration method, your project manager, your team’s goals, commitments, timeline for work completion, and conflict resolution policies (for missed deadlines, quality of work issues, etc.). See the Team Charter Memo Assignment  Download Team Charter Memo Assignmentfor more details.

I will check your team’s progress periodically throughout the project timeline, but it is your job to stay focused and on track. Be sure to create a realistic timeline and adjust as needed based on your group’s progress.

At the very end of the project, you’ll complete Self/Team Evaluations, which will help demonstrate the efficacy of your team’s collaboration.



You will have several components to the team project:

Team Charter and Communication Plan

Individual Progress Reports (submitted individually)

Recommendation Report Rough DRAFT

Recommendation Report FINAL

Self and Team Evaluations (submitted individually)




Sample Format/Structure for Recommendation Report

Use the following outline when planning and drafting your Formal Recommendation Report

Letter of Transmittal

Business Letter Format – acts like a cover letter that puts the report in context

Should be addressed to your audience

Should explain WHY the recipient is receiving the report

Should mention the topic and might lightly touch on the report (1-2 sentences) but it should NOT be a summary or abstract – save that for the report itself

Title Page

Should include: title, all group members’ names, and image/photo/visual appropriate to your topic

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Should include a brief summary of all the report’s main points


Context/Background Information

Purpose statement


Explanation of problem or need

Causes of problem or need


Details of the solution

Benefits of the solution

Your decision criteria (e.g. cost, ease of completion, timeliness, long-term benefits, etc.) – Your criteria will be shaped by the problem itself. For your specific problem, some of the above criteria might be worth considering, while others are not.

Ways in which the solution satisfies decision criteria


Schedule for implementing the solution (Consider including a Gantt chart)


Personnel and assigned duties of each member of the team


Underscore benefits of recommendation and ask the reader to act

References/Works Cited

MLA, APA, or other appropriate style (e.g., numerical superscript and numbered references)

Appendix or Appendices

Optional – might include data you’ve collected such as survey responses or other supplementary information that doesn’t fit neatly in the body of the report.[supanova_question]

Final Project Pre-production WORKSHEET for Written Paper Name and ID FILM TITLE

Writing Assignment Help Final Project Pre-production WORKSHEET for Written Paper

Name and ID

FILM TITLE : ________________________________________________

Provide a link for the film or scene: ______________________________________

Please note precisely the location of the scene in the film by entering the timecode beginning ________________and end: ____________.

(If possible, download your scene and attach it. You may need to share this in your AUS google link.)

Include: Page #1: Write a short page about (one page):

Why you picked this scene (what you like about this scene) Include what is unique or special

Why do you believe this scene is good to analyze?

Include any specific challenges you think you will encounter in the paper?

Give the film director’s name, genre, and style (if there is a style specific to the director).

List all the techniques you believe you will be able to define, identify, and describe

Give a short interpretation of the symptomatic meaning. [supanova_question]

IS3310 Draft IRP

In this assignment, you’ll be specifying the research question that you plan to investigate for your IRP. You can choose any question and data source that you find interesting.
First of all, you identified the data set you wanted to use, developed a research question, and identified a statistical question that could be answered analytically. You need to find the data (Excel format) (about100 rows?and finish “IRP question and data set template” and send it to me asap. I will submit it to the professor to ask whether the data is useful.
Then? students conduct an analysis project using SAS primarily and Excel as needed to analyze real-world data. Note: You are required to do a ANOVA Analysis or a Regression Analysis and submit them showing Pr or P values, R-square, B values, Plots, etc. – as needed for the type of analysis you are conducting (ANOVA or Regression). Homogeneity of Variance of residuals can be assumed so you can proceed with your required analysis. Use DAX 4 or DAX 5 video and Instructions to help conduct your analysis.
You need to finish the “IRP Template 2018” and give it to me. The picture is standard for evaluation.
PPT is issues with Data.

Student #3 Briana Crowder 1. Understanding the Need for Innovation It is

Student #3 Briana Crowder

1. Understanding the Need for Innovation

            It is important for the employees to understand the need for Smithfield’s continued innovation so that employees are not decoding the information incorrectly and understand that the company’s innovations benefit them directly. Innovation may perhaps be interrelated to improvement in productivity, competitiveness, efficiency, and quality (Lumen Learning, 2018). When responsibilities are added and roles change, having a clear understanding can deepen organizational culture and innovation (Lumen Learning, 2018). Businesses that are innovative are more flexible to changes in the external environment, allowing them to have a quicker, more effective reaction that avoids company risk (Lumen Learning, 2018).


2. Significant “Noise” Factors

            The noise factors most likely to interfere with the successful launch of the new product line are information overload, selective perception, and filtering. When organizations merge, there are a lot of changes that will occur, and this information is best broken up into multiple meetings to help those involved better understand. When too much information is given to people it can cause feelings of being overwhelmed and fear of not retaining any information provided (Lumen Learning, 2018). Making a high-level announcement followed by additional details afterward is often a great approach to avoid information overload (Lumen Learning, 2018). Selective perception can occur as either under notice or over focus (Lumen Learning, 2018). With a new product line, there is the potential for over focusing on the new and not keeping track with the business’ current operations. Selective perception can also be vigilant in that there is extra sensitivity to things people consider significant (Lumen Learning, 2018). This could cause long-term employees to disregard certain new aspects of the company, as they are attached to what they would consider more traditional methods. Filtering occurs from people’s life experiences, culture, lifestyle, and language (Lumen Learning, 2018). No two people see life the same, and the experiences of those employed by You Figure It Out may be significantly different than the employees of Smithfield. This can cause major differences and possible setbacks during the new product launch.


3. Obstacles to the Acceptance of Change

            The greatest obstacles to acceptance of change are poor communication, resistance, and unsupported employees. Employees are more likely to engage in change is they fully understand why the change is happening and how it benefits both them and the company. Effective communication also ensures that employees understand how the change is to occur. This also helps eliminate another significant obstacle of unsupported employees. Proving personal counseling can help ease and change-related worries that employees may have (Lumen Learning, 2018). If employees feel their feelings toward company changes are insignificant, this will create unmotivated employees. Unmotivated and unsupported employees can hurt the quality of new product launch and possibly lead to the resignation of employees. Resignation would mean there is less labor available to meet company goals. Resistance from employees will furthermore hinder a successful launch of the new line. By recognizing employee concerns and aligning them to the business’ strategic direction, this will decrease the chances of resistance (Lumen Learning, 2018). Employee resistance can once again lead to resignation and poor performance. Launching a new product line will not prove profitable if it is not done at peak performance levels.



4. An Effective Change Management Technique

            For a successful product line launch, following Kotter’s eight steps to change would prove highly beneficial. The eight steps are as follows: increase urgency, build the guiding team, get the vision right, communicate for buy-in, empower action, create short-term wins, do not let up, make change stick (Lumen Learning, 2018). These eight steps allow managers to diminish risk related to change unfavorable by employees (Lumen Learning, 2018). When managers are certain that all employees are committed to and eager to assist with the change, potential organizational difficulties are reduced (Lumen Learning, 2018).


5. Possible Decision-Making Oversight

            The use of heuristics may be the best decision-making oversight for the board. These decision-making tools are analytical and simplifies analysis by being dependent upon tried and tested rules of thumb (Lumen Learning, 2018). Since both companies have already proved profitable, it would be beneficial to look at what has already worked and what has not when making decisions regarding the new product line launch. With numerous compound factors, the use of heuristics allows the organization to determine a rule to guide their decisions (Lumen Learning, 2018).




Lumen Learning (2018). Principles of Management. Retrieved from https://courses.lumenlearning.com/wmopen-principlesofmanagement/[supanova_question]