1.) Details of the case This is where you describe all

1.) Details of the case
This is where you describe all the relevant factual details of the case – Be sure to include everything you consider significant to your particular case.
2.) The Ethical Problem
Here you should spell out what the ethical problem is in
your case. Now that we’re clear on the facts, just what
sort of moral problem is there, and why?
3.) Possible Options
Discuss the various ways in which someone in this situation and, hopefully, any similar situation might handle the problem Be sure to include the possible repercussions for each possibility
4.) The Solution
Finally, choose which option you consider best for this problem, and say what you think it’s preferable to each of the other options i.e- what you think the best outcome would be, as well as the extent to which such. a solution would be applicable in similar cases.

Intro to Software Eng Questions

Engineering Assignment Help What is the difference between content architecture and WebApp architecture (5 points)?
You are a WebApp designer for FutureLearning Corporation, a distance learning company. You intend to implement an Internet-based “learning engine” that will enable you to deliver course content to a student. The learning engine provides the basic infrastructure for delivering learning content on any subject (content designers will prepare appropriate content). Develop a prototype interface design for the learning engine (10 points).
What are testing strategies? Why do we need to have testing strategies (5 points)?
Why does a software engineer need to integrate a secure development lifecycle? Are the security practices dependent upon specific development technologies (5 points)?
Define Application Security Control. How do you manage the ASC (5 points)?

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