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1. A heading which includes the following: a. Title of the Article

1. A heading which includes the following: a. Title of the Article b. Author(s) of the Article c. Date of publishing d. Source of Article (name of news source)

2. A one-sentence introduction:

i. Why did you select the article for your scrapbook (what is the article’s relevance to Environmental Science?) 

3. Identify at least 3 environmental science terms, concepts, laws or people addressed in the article:

i. For each item you identify, provide a brief definition and/or explanation d. A summary (8 sentences minimum):

i. In your own words, summarize the article’s main points. Remember: do not use any five words in succession from your article unless you present the information as a quote.

4. A reaction statement (5 sentences minimum):

i. You will address at least 3 of the following questions as part of a personal reaction to your article:

o Why is the science research in this article important/not important? o How will these findings affect us now and/or in the future?

o How does this article connect to what you are learning in the course? o What is your opinion on these scientific findings?

o What questions do you still have about this topic?


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